NU Dream Team

NU Dream Team Recommender can help you find teams for better collaboration! Just set your preferences and get going!


The NU Dream Team Recommender is a web application that allows users to assemble teams based on the NU Scholars VIVO endpoint. It utilizes the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard SPARQL query language for retrieval of semantic web data. The NU Dream Team Recommender aims to assemble teams based on the preferences of an individual. These preferences encompass team size, homophily and network properties of co-authorship networks. The tool also aims to support team assessment feature that would allow individuals to evaluate different potential teams based on their preferences.

How it works

Team size

Set number of people you want in your team

Expertise areas

Choose expertise areas of your potential team members

Individual preferences

Set preferences for individual identification

Team preferences

Set preferences for team ranking


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